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    The Squirrel
    The Squirrel

      We are all adults, though we may be a little nutz. Let’s abide by the golden rule, and treat everyone and every topic with respect, and with an open mind.

      Namaste! Peace!

      BUT, just in case you need reminding:

      • Think before you post
      • Use upper and lower case appropriately
      • Focus on the topic at hand
      • Focus on the message, not the messenger
      • Avoid “me too” or “I agree” posts
      • Keep your replies brief
      • Avoid foul language or insults
      • Don’t post personal information about another forum participant
      • Don’t post anything that threatens or harms the reputation of any person or organization
      • Don’t post anything that could be considered intolerant of a person’s race, culture, appearance, gender, sexual preference, religion or age.


      Please, and thank you in advance.


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